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Masterblend Tomato & Vegetable Formula Kit

Masterblend Tomato & Vegetable Formula Kit

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Despite its name, the Masterblend Tomato & Vegetable Formula Kit is an all-purpose, A and B nutrient formula suitable for production of all vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and even houseplants -- not just tomatoes and vegetables.

The nutrient formula kit is well-suited for for both soil based and hydroponic growing.

The formula is an easy-to-use, two-part fertilizer system that uses the same technical grade fertilizer trusted by professional growers for decades.

The 2.5-pound kit contains two parts to be mixed together in water resulting in a complete formula that produces robust crops -- all macro and micro nutrients are included.

The first component in the kit is a water-soluble 4-18-38 formula premixed with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) for a final N.P.K. formulation of 5-12-25.

The second is calcium nitrate, for full and fast absorption of these two essential nutrients by the plant.

Combine these two formulas with water according to the directions and you have pure, complete nutrition for all plants. One box makes several hundred gallons of feed solution.


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